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  • ​The Skillful Art of Project Retention
  • ​Online & Offline Strategies
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Distribute your valuable appointments to the very best sales representative to close that deal based on KPIs, and have clear visibility on user stats to manage your sales teams best using this Proprietary APPOINTMENT DISTRIBUTION TOOL.


SaaS created to simplify commissions calculations and
increase transparency of commissions reporting to sales teams.

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We help you access multiple nationwide solar installation partners and provide sales support, customer support, and pipeline management services. Let's grow together. Learn how to plug into our proven process and installation partners.

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Primitive Power

Primitive Power is one of the most successful virtual solar dealers in the country.
  • Exclusively focused on virtual solar sales since 2019
  • Actively selling solar virtually in 30+ markets nation-wide
  • ​Produced nearly $18M of sales in 2022

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